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The Legend News July 2012


indian showroom inventoryWe’re celebrating National Women’s Rider Month!
To show our enthusiasm and to acknowledge our women on wheels, we’re giving away a FREE Indian Motorcycle bandana to all our women patrons who visit us during the month of July! So come on in and help us celebrate you!

indian showroom inventory

Indian Motorcycle owner - Linda Smith

After working 24/7 the last two decades, my husband and
I finally got it. We figured we should start enjoying life a little more than we have been. We rode dirt bikes for years but the day we walked into Indian Motorcycle of Northern New Jersey, and met Steve, Sam, Tabetha and Walter, we knew we wanted Indian bikes. We spent the day there deciding on the bikes we wanted. Steve, Sam, Tabetha and Walter are true mentors on bikes. My husband bought the 100 year anniversary Chief and I bought a 2003 Spirit. Indians really do stand out. It’s fun to see people do a double take when they see our INDIANS on the road.
We rode the Rolling Thunder poker run; that was cool.
We ride to job estimates & people are at the door before we ring the bell, looking out and they see me and my husband on our bikes! They’re shocked at how I can handle a big bike, I tell them “after 30 years
with him I can handle anything”.

Thanks to the Union Indian Crew, Linda!

indian showroom inventory

Indian Motorcycle owner - Susan Adkins

When I was five years old my father died in a house fire. But one thing that survived was a photo of him on a 1940 Chief. My mother raised me knowing the Native Culture she and my father shared. That culture, along with the photo of dad on that bike made it my destiny to own an Indian Motorcycle. Against her wishes, I started riding when I was fifteen and have not been without a motorcycle more than a couple of years since. I am sixty two now and own three Indians; a 2001 Chief, a 2002 Spirit and a 2001 Scout that I just purchased this year. No matter what kind of a bad day I have, just swinging a leg over one of them starts me on my way to feeling so much better. I only hope this will inspire other women to ride because there is a whole world to see, feel and smell on the seat of a beautiful bike.

Lady riders rock!

JULY's "New Jersey Legend"

Indian of NJ Julys Jersey Legend

Our bike feature this month is this 2012 Indian Chief Vintage in Indian Red, Indian Motorcycle's orginal 1900's color. This Chief Vintage comes loaded with many extras:

Front Bumper
Rear Bumper
Leather Grip Fringe
Leather Lever Fringe
Leather Windshield Bag
Leather Tool Bag
Floor Boards with
Leather Fringe
Chrome Metal Script Fender Tips
Speedometer Visor

Head Light and
Spot Light Visors
Indian Red Wheel Rims
with Stainless Lacing
Arrow Shifter Linkage
Indian War Bonnet
Cam Cover
Indian War Bonnet
Clutch Cover
Indian Head Horn
Cover Stage One ECU

Note: This bike will receive a Dual Exhaust that was not installed at the time of print.

Immediate Availability
New 2010 Dark Water Blue Indian Chief Roadmaster California Legal Spec:
Emission Equipment

Indan of NJ California SpecBelow are pictures of the factory installed California Emission Package. This bike may be registered in any state. Those of you looking for a California Spec Legal Indian Motorcycle, HERE IT IS! The best part, it's sale price is $28,838.99 (MSRP $35,338, as dressed).


horn cover

Indians Are Selling Fast! Don't Wait!
Please find the following inventory on our showroom floor:

(2)       2012 Indian Chief Vintage Willow Green & Cream

(1)       2012 Indian Chief Vintage Indian Red
            Special July NJ Legend

(1)       2012 Indian Chief Dark Horse Matte Black

(1)       2012 Indian Chief Classic Indian Red

(1)       2011 Indian Chief Dark Horse Gloss Black

(1)       2011 Indian Chief Blackhawk Dark

(1)       2011 Indian Chief Blackhawk
(1)       2010 Indian Chief Vintage Yellow & Winter White

(1)       2010 Indian Chief Vintage Thunder Black

Demo  2011 Indian Chief Dark Horse Gloss Black
            June NJ Legend

Demo  2010 Indian Chief Vintage Indian Red

Ask The Mechanic

Can I convert my 2001 Indian 5-speed transmission into
a 6-speed?

Kings Mountain used a 6-speed baker Transmission as does Indian/Polaris on the 2009 - 2012 Indian motorcycles. One can upgrade their current 5-speed transmission to a 6-speed Baker for about $2,500 by using a Baker OD6 builders Kit. The upside is the following:

  • Reduces vibration that creates wear
  • More relaxing at cruising speeds
  • Reduction of about 475 rpm at 75 MPH
  • Decreases fuel consumption at highway speeds
  • Increases bike value
  • The 0D6 is rated up to 165 ft/lbs of continuous use

What you get is a completely assembled, ready to slide-in gearset. An all billet, chrome plated bearing door is standard issue. New shift system, as well as new main drive gear roller bearing and seal, also included are new gaskets. Basically all of the guts of the transmission expect the top cover and case are replaced. Baker spent a lot of time making sure our unit is a direct drop-in affair with the stock case. A builders kit saves you money, at least $700 vs a complete unit.

How often should I check the primary chain?

Do the first check at 500 miles, after installing a new primary chain. Do the second check at 2500 miles, and every 5000 miles after that.

We hope our Q&A helps with some of your questions. Please keep sending them in. If your question benefits others, we will include it in our monthly newsletter. As always, our parts and service department personnel are here to make all your repairs go smoothly. Our goal is to provide you, the customer, with Excellent Customer Service the first time, every time!

Let's Recap!
We experienced a good turnout despite the weather forecast calling for rain every day. We did get rain during the week, it only lasted for a short time each the day. The Indian display was set-up in the vendor lot at the lake in a 40 X 30 tent, where we displayed a half dozen bikes, along with our Apparel, Accessories and Gifts.

This was the first year Indian had a display at Americade without their Display truck/trailer. The truck/trailer is being redesigned and will be debuted in Sturgis this year, along with the 2013 Indian motorcycle line-up, August 6th - 12th

With the Truck/Trailer being redesigned, Indian had its display set-up across from Gilford Airport, along side the Victory display/demo truck. The weather in Laconia was perfect, with the exception of Wednesday 13th when it rained ¾ of the day. Next year, 2013 Indian will be back at both Americade and Laconia with the newly re-designed event truck.

americade & laconia

Upcoming EventsIndian Motorcycle of NJ BikersforBabies

Please join Indian Motorcycle of Northern NJ at the Bikers for Babies and Classic Car Show to benefit the March of Dimes. The event will feature live music, food, vendors and things the whole family can do.
Registration sign-in is at 9:00am and kickstands up at 11am. We hope to see you there!

bikers for babies & Indian


Stay tuned for next month's issue of The Legend News. Indian Motorcycle of Northern New Jersey will announce their Customer Appreciation Event [TBA next month]! We can't wait to give recognition to all our loyal customers, and we are already excitedly planning the festivities!!

We only have two bikes
left that are eligible for your free commemorative leather jacket. Both bikes include the 110th Anniversary
arrow head badge on the dash. Come on by before it's too late!

(1)       2012 Indian Chief
            Vintage Indian Red

(1)       2012 Indian Chief
            Classic Indian Red

indian motorcycle arrowhead

Looking to
Accessorize Your
Indian Motorcycle
We have accessories here at Indian Motorcycle of
Northern NJ to individualize
each bike:

  • Fairing & Windshield w/Radio & Leather Bag
  • Front & Rear Bumpers
  • Leather Tool Bags
    w/Indian Conch
  • Leather Windshield Bags w/Indian Conch
  • Leather Fringe
    (Grips & Levers)
  • Leather Fringe (Floorboards)
  • Leather Fringe (Mud Flaps)
  • Leather (Tooled Mud Flaps)
  • Leather Dash Pads
  • Leather Wrapped Dash
  • Color Match Rims
  • Fender Racks
  • Seat & Bag Options
  • Customized Leather
  • Assortment of Indian Grips, Foot Pegs & Highway Pegs
  • Indian 105 Engine
    (Clutch Covers,
    Timing Covers & Air Box Covers)
  • Indian Boot Guards
  • Engine Oil Cooler
  • Chrome Metal Fender Tips w/Indian Script
  • Arrow Shifter Linkage
    (an array of other styles)
  • Dual Exhaust (Over & Under)
    & Each Side
  • 21 inch wheel for the front
    (for a modern look)



June New Motorcycle Sales were very strong as they have been for the past 6 months. With the increase of Indian Motorcycle sales, we are experiencing a depletion of certain models and colors. Most other Indian dealers are sold out of inventory for 2012. We ordered 34 Indian Chiefs
on our initial order and
were able to re-order
more motorcycles in the beginning of April; We have enough inventory to get
us through the next month or so.

August 1st – 3rd Polaris/Indian/Victory is having their dealer meeting in Las Vegas to introduce 2013 models and colors for the entire company. We are hoping to see a Black & White or Black & Cream Indian Chief Vintage added to the line-up.

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